My story

Stalking the science-engineering sweet spot; delving into the wildnerness, embracing the unknown.

Deep-tech forgoes the status quo, rewrites the game: We hypothesise scientific advancements, challenge failure, forge scientific frontiers—redefine what's possible, create markets, disrupt others. WFIO (whiff-eee-o) moments are all too common; highs rare.

I wrote Basic on a car-boot ZX Spectrum, messed-up my father's computer, played snake on graphical calculators. Computer Studies at school, Computer Science at uni. I was hooked, hungry for more; a passion for potentially unsolvable problems emerged, a PhD followed.

Back to the nineties: Wailing modems, faraway systems, end-to-end encryption. The noughties gave us performance. Physics can't be beaten—performance is a function over distance—faraway systems outsource data to cloud. Cloud performance, secrets forgone. End-to-end encryption or performance, not both.

Web3 forgoes cloud performance, favours end-to-end encryption. Others are excluded from cloud performance; contracts, law, regulators, demanding end-to-end encryption. Neither scale, until now:

I re-engineered TLS for end-to-end encryption with cloud performance.

Standing on the shoulders of giants; inheriting twenty-seven years of knowledge, sourcecode, security analysis by leading experts.

We're delivering cloud performance, end-to-end encryption, for all.

The journey wasn't without drama: We were locked-up. I furloughed myself, worked on complimentary tech.

Society depends on physical identity tokens; bags, wallets, pockets spewing the wretched hunks of plastic: Access, credit, debit, loyalty, membership, and travel cards, building and vehicle key fobs too. Some companies are stuffing identities into cloud, risking business and personal data, metadata too, we deserve better.

I designed means to remotely inject security tokens into smartphone circuitry; storing tokens in physical chips, security equivalent to traditional smartcards and key fobs.

Circumstance gave birth to the group of startups I lead