Ben Smyth

Ben Smyth
Ben Smyth

Web3 for biz

accountable ● confidential

The Internet looks backwards; information flows the wrong way: Rather than connecting to a business, what if the business just served you?

We go to the Internet The Internet should come to us

We're delivering Web3 for business. Accountable, confidential infrastructure: Hardware-based identity, secure comms, autonomy, consensus.

Check out my original, handwritten deck, listen to my audio pitch, or read on.


Web3 needs identity, accountability: I've designed a system that emulates physical identity tokens—smartcards, key fobs, passports—on smartphone circuitry, decentralised hardware-based personal identity.

Burdensome personal identity tokens, replaced by virtualised identity tokens

We don't exist digitally, we're just an account on someone else's computer; we bring (hardware-based) personal identity to smartphone circuitry, at zero production and distribution cost.

Secure comms

Web3 needs confidentiality too, end-to-end encryption, without giving up secrets to the cloud: I've prototyped cloud without ever revealing your secrets, cloud/CDN performance without security compromise.

Cloud leaks secrets

The Internet protects data in transit. (Protection rose from ~20% to 90+% in the last five years.) We bring protection to data at rest in the cloud.


We're a group of four startups (under a parent company), selling complementary products, which together form the foundation of Web3.

EasyCEO is operational, our identity service designed and communication 
       service prototyped, VoteTech just needs a UI

Decentralised identity, secure comms, autonomy, consensus—Web3 fundamentals.

Autonomous organisations, consensus

We're launching push-button autonomous organisations, for NoAdmin—administration automated, drudgery alleviated.

We're launching push-button consensus, for communities, organisations and governments that believe in secret ballots and accountability—certifiably free and fair elections.

Our first customers, fellow startups, student unions, DAOs, their employees, students, communities.


I'm Ben Smyth, Founder-CEO

The journey began in Birmingham, MEng, PhD. A year in Tokyo. More in Paris. Working on complex systems, studying them, analysing them, finding subtle quirks, breaking 'em, fixing 'em, building my own. Bouncing between academia and industry, I found my passion at the intersection of research & development, focused on deep-tech challenges with massive upside. I've solved our technical problems, for under £170k. I need investment to hire, launch next year.