Ben Smyth

I'm upgrading the internet w/ end-to-end encryption, cloud performance.

Captivated by a Berkeley astronomer's faulty logic, I trained in compsci & cryptography, found communication infrastructure lacking:

Internet architecture forces multi round-trip delivery, makes speed of light seem slow. Aussie down under, receives tiny stream, ack; many round-trips to transact, commerce...lost.

Organisations outsource. A mass of interconnected servers, massively replicated content, distributed all around the globe. Content no longer has far to go. Privacy traded for performance.

"Isn't it crazy," reflects Chamath, "the thing that may actually unwind the cloud is just the utter lack of privacy."

I founded Async Tokyo to remaster internet encryption for end-to-end encryption with cloud performance, solving cloud's privacy problem.

Cloud performance or end-to-end encryption, not both, until now