Ben Smyth

Ben Smyth
Ben Smyth


I lead, a group solving hard scientific problems, making game-changing engineering advancements, building tech startups on top.

Frustrated by the end-to-end encryption myth, I sought to disprove the folklore, to prove encrypted content can be cached. I succeeded; subsidiary enables cloud without ever giving up your data.

Burdened by secrets I'm forced to carry, I decided to eradicate smartcards, building and vehicle key fobs too; no more bags, wallets, pockets spewing the wretched hunks of plastic, secrets buried deep inside. Subsidiary makes smartcards and other forms of security token obsolete, integrating them into smartphones.

Pairing storage with digital identity delivers upon my vision for next generation Internet—data protected in transit and at rest, users & transactions authenticated by (hardware-based) identity. We'll showcase services on top, provide an API, open our tech stack to developers.

Ecosystem building, as the Capitol was stormed, forced me to reflect: Digital democracy must be focal, yet the world is awash with voting technology never fit for purpose. Having messed with voting systems for approaching two decades—breaking, patching, and proving-secure—I founded VoteTech, delivering certifiably free and fair election systems to democracy builders, underpinned by hardward-based digitial identities.

Scaling me: Succumbed by admin, I decided to automate our back office, relieve myself from admin drudgery, whilst demonstrating the power of our tech stack—EasyCEO delivers.

TL;DR. I jumped the corporate ship and academia to unleash my knowledge upon the world, to build systems with material societal impact. Beforehand, I honed myself into a scientist, published some thirty works, was granted five patents (six applications pending), employed at Huawei, INRIA/CNRS, & École Normale Supérieure in France, Toshiba in Japan, and the University of Birmingham in the UK, where I was awarded my PhD.